Tekton Woodworks has been providing custom designed furnishings in wood, metal and stone to churches since 1995.  Our portfolio includes altars, ambos, pulpits, baptismal fonts, chairs, pews, ambries, processional crosses, processional candles, stations of the cross, etc. Everything that can be found inside a church. We work with pastors, their architects and building committees to design spaces and furnishings that are theologically correct and enhance the life and flow of the liturgy. And we can design custom furniture that fits into any budget.

Tekton Woodworks began when our founder, Deacon Tom Tosti, saw the need for quality church furniture that wouldn't break the bank. It seemed that there were companies that designed for cathedrals and churches with fat budgets on one end, and the local parishioner/woodworker donating his work on the other. There were no resources for the average church community who was working on a tight budget but wanted beautiful, meaningful furniture.

A master woodworker for over 30 years, Deacon Tom was asked to design and build liturgical furniture for the rapidly growing Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City. This was a perfect fit, since Tom serves as a deacon at St. Mary of the Assumption in Park City, Utah. This gives him an unique perspective given that he actually uses the furniture he produces.  There are many liturgical designers, a few who are clergy, and even more furniture fabricators, but not many who do it all. We not only understand quality furniture design and construction, we understand liturgy.

At first Deacon Tom worked only in wood, however, the need to expand into stone and metal soon became apparent. Since those humble beginnings, Tekton Woodworks has provided furniture for dozens of church communities and denominations throughout the U.S. and in fact, the entire world. Tekton Woodworks is currently the sole supplier of ecclesiastical furnishings for the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency, providing chapel furniture for every military base and navy ship in the world.

So, whether you need a single piece or furniture for an entire church, consider another option.

Consider Tekton Woodworks