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Liturgical Design Services:

  • Programming of furniture needs.
  • Design and direction for all liturgical furnishings, appointments & assembly seating.
  • Preparation of liturgical furniture, artwork and environment budget.


  • Full engineering drawings.
  • Coordination with architect for placement of items in the space.
  • Assist contractor in identification and placement of special  electrical and plumbing requirements.

Artist Coordination:

  • Environment and art master planning.
  • Selection and coordination of outside artists (ie, stained glass, statuary, etc.).

Architect Liaison:

  • Integration of liturgical furniture and art into building schedule.
  • Assistance with lighting and acoustical master planning.
  • Interior design review and recommendations.
  • Act as liturgical liaison among architect, contractor, and outside liturgical consultants.

Furnishing Fabrication:

  • Fabrication of all wood, metal, and stone furniture and  appointments.
  • Coordination of outside artists’ work.
  • Onsite delivery and installation.

Fund Raising Assistance:

  • Preparation of 3D color renderings of all furniture for print and electronic media.
  • Preparation of memorials marketing materials.
  • Parish catechesis.